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Aerospace & Defence

Injection moulding for air crafts require precision and identical replications for some of their projects, which is why injection moulding has become a popular process to use. It is necessary for products to be lightweight but durable in the aerospace industry in order to remain fuel-efficient and keep emissions low. Also imperative is the ability to remain as such while withstanding high forces and changing temperatures.

Injection moulding for military defence is similar; plastic is the safer choice of material to use in comparison to others that may conduct heat or electricity. With its long lasting, versatile, and waterproof qualities, plastic is able to reduce wear and tear, and is less likely to break in the field, and is cost effective. This means that there are no waiting times for replacement machinery or equipment, and the budget for the defence sector can be directed elsewhere to where it is needed.


Our team provide an outstanding level of communication throughout each project, working with you to share our expertise and create precise moulds that will produce the perfect bespoke injection moulding product for aerospace and defence sectors. We understand that there is no room for error when it comes to creating injection moulded products for mass production, and therefore we custom make each mould, and use multiple rounds of testing in order to ensure consistency between product batches.


Benefits of injection moulding for aerospace and defence sectors: 

High production 





Cost efficient. 

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