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Plastic injection moulding for medical equipment is increasingly common, and the medical industry has been using plastic for a range of things because of the benefits; plastics can be sterilised differently to other materials, and they don’t harbour pathogens and bacteria. They can also be used regularly for instrument handles, beakers, test tubes, but can take the form of one-use tools, for example gloves or IV tubes. 

These parts can be personalised with plastic injection moulding, allowing each item to be adjusted if needed, and most plastics are hypoallergenic, meaning that patients with allergies to traditional medical materials are at a lower risk.

This is why plastic injection moulding is a favoured option for the medical industry. Our design engineers can create mockups and prototypes of any medical plastic parts, making sure it is effective for its intended use, and compliant with regulations. As the process of injection moulding is controlled, it becomes easier for us to comply with regulations, and with Senior & Dickson’s ISO9001 accreditation, we are able to produce medical grade plastic for the medial industry. 


Benefits of using injection moulding in the medical industry: 

It complies with ISO regulations 

Cost efficient 


Reduced weight of medical devices 

Mass production 


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