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Injection moulding is commonly used for the automotive sector because it presents many benefits. A variety of complex components of a car are produced using this process, such as bumpers, door handles, and headlamps. Using automotive plastic injection moulding allows companies to reliably produce plastic components for vehicles in mass quantity while maintaining the high quality of more traditional methods of production that can often be expensive and time-consuming.

There are a range of benefits to using injection moulding for the automotive industry. From giving companies the ability to mass produce, to colour options, injection moulding has earned its title as one of the best methods to produce parts for automobiles. As such, Senior & Dickson is well-versed in the production of parts for cars and motor vehicles, our thorough employees taking care to make sure that each product we create is identical and using their expertise to overcome potential barriers or challenges.

Here is a full list of benefits to using automotive plastic injection moulding

Offers the ability to produce intricate shapes

Gives a range of surface finishes

Mass production

Colour options


Lightweight, therefore improving fuel efficiency and vehicle performance

Exterior and interior products can be produced.

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